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Medical Worker

Our Mission

At RE-Assist, we empower healthcare providers with innovative tools to streamline care coordination, address Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), and enhance patient outcomes, ultimately transforming healthcare delivery.

How it started

Our Story

RE-Assist began as a visionary concept and has evolved into a leading platform in healthcare coordination, designed to simplify and enrich the healthcare process for coordinators and patients alike.

Meet Us

Ashley Barrow 


Meet the dedicated professionals behind RE-Assist, who are transforming healthcare experiences through innovation and a deep understanding of SDOH.

RE-Assist equips care coordinators with effective tools for managing patient care, ensuring smooth transitions and improved outcomes.

Care Coordinators:

RE-Assist creates a straightforward and supportive route for individuals to navigate their healthcare, making decision-making and care management easier.

Individuals Managing Own Care:

We help those with commercial insurance plans to manage their healthcare effectively and maximize their benefits.

Commercial Insurance Holders:

We provide health systems with strategies to enhance patient care, lower readmission rates, and improve care coordination.

Health Systems:

We support pharmacies in working closely with care teams to offer continuous patient care, medication management, and adherence support.


We aid in guiding Medicare beneficiaries through their benefits and care options, ensuring they receive the care they need.

Medicare Beneficiaries:

We offer support to Medicaid recipients, helping them access the medical services and resources they require.

Medicaid Recipients:

Who we help

Start Your Smooth Journey to Better Health - Request a Demo

Connect with us to see how RE-Assist can revolutionize care coordination or assist in your personal health management.

Demonstrated Benefits

Read about the positive impact RE-Assist has had on both care coordinators and individuals navigating their own care paths.

With RE-Assist, care coordinators gain effective tools for managing patient care, facilitating smooth transitions, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Care Coordinator 
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RE-Assist streamlines administrative tasks, enabling healthcare providers to focus on delivering high-quality care to their patients. Increasing revenue and building quality of life. 

Physician Office 
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We cultivate collaboration between pharmacies and care teams, promoting adherence support, minimizing redundant services, and enhancing accuracy in care

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